Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicken for Sunday Dinner :o)

We could tell this was going to be one of those lazy Summer Sunday's when all you wanted to do was lazy around and nibble most of the day...We began by having breakfast on the Patio in our Pajama's..with the neighbors new fence one could see us on the right and the fence on the left we were already used too.:o)Maybe the fence is a blessing for us after all...It is giving us more privacy from that side of our yard..all the other neighbors can't view us..
With all the leftover string beans, potatoes and corn in a one pot ...meat was all that would be desired..(we devoured the corn beef for lunch).
We didn't want fried chicken ,stewed chicken or baked chicken...So next was making a Rotisserie chicken that all I had to do was let the machine turn it :o)...maybe I'm becoming a modern Millie :o) So out of storage my old Rotisserie came...I made a gravy out of the juices that dripped into the pan...put a few biscuits in the oven..
It was smelling so good ummmm...we jumped into it right away, we couldn't wait...:o)...wish you could blog taste it :o)... that's what we call around here "good eatin" :o) Cecil was moaning joyfully with each bite...and I gave him the chorus :o)


Daisy said...

Sure looks good, Ginny! I'd be singing about it too! :D

ladydi said...

That looks like a really healthy way to prepare a chicken, and oh it does sound delicious with your vegetables and biscuits. Eating breakfast on the patio in your jammies sounds delightful! A relaxing beginning to the day. I don't know how you can call it lazing around when you're doing all that food prep, not to mention unearthing the rotisserie and setting it up.

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, setting it up was easy..I had all the parts in the big bag..
Cleaning it for next time was Cecil's job :o) Ginny