Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"How I feel today"

When I look around at the garden and the dead looking fruit trees, it is so disheartening ...I feel like time had been wasted ..there is nothing to show for all the's truly a bummer..The jars were waiting..nothing to put into them:o(
Then I try to look for a reason, or perhaps a lesson..seems to me "God is trying to tell me something"..Since we have been here in NC ...each year we say we aren't going to work so hard in the yard ...we are going to get in the car and go "sightseeing" or visit some of the places we see on PBS...and each year we tell the same old lie..we just work in the yard all day long...that only we seem to enjoy...Then the neighbor puts up a fence that shuts out the view of the beautiful trees in the woods...just so they don't have to tend their dog! Jeez!! in a year or two they will probably move like the other neighbors did and the fence will still be there...closing me in...There ought to be a law! I'm ready to leave here..seems the joy I had here has been snatched away...Stolen!..Another day and I'm Witching (Mispelled)....If I had a dog I'd kick it!!...


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I love your blog and am going to visit more often. Hey, we all have those days ! I know.

jillied said...

Dearest Ginny,

Well, I see you're feeling better! You're fussing and fuming and I'll bet poor Cecil is laying low.

It seems to me, that you both enjoy your yard and garden and if that is what you want to be it. Of course, it's fun to go sight seeing..but the best thing about traveling is that it makes you realize how much you love home. Maybe you've already discovered that!

I imagine the new diet is not adding to your sense of well being, but it is going to help you get better. You knew you were pushing it with some of the things you were sneaking on to the table, and now you are learning a new way.

I did have a bowl of grits and a poached egg for breakfast and thought of you. By the there a "trick" to washing the grits pan? Those babies sure do stick!

Keep getting better and know that there are a bunch of us who love you and are waiting for you to be making those daily updates to the blog.


ladydi said...

NC has a lot going for it - the main thing being not much snow in the winter. You don't want to be out struggling through the ice and snow just to get to the store, or even the mailbox. As much as I love fall, I do dread the onset of winter, and I think of Ginny in sunny NC!

Daisy said...

Ginny, you know we all have days like that. Maybe it would do you better to look ahead to what you can do tomorrow and the next day instead of fretting over what you didn't get to do yesterday. Hang in there. Things will get better. Hugs from Daisy. :)