Sunday, May 2, 2010

My first Bouquet of this season :o)

We are very happy that we are well enough this year to enjoy some of the
bounty (Harvest) that we planted while living here in NC.
Last year our ornamental Pear trees looked a little sickly...we fed them some food and this year they are looking well, the leaves are shiny as they should be...and look as if somebody loves them .
All the baby buds from the Blue Hydrangeas I clipped last year ..lived thru the winter and look very to where to plant them for their  permanent home spot!
I was pleased to see the Peonies starting to bloom...I only have one Red one...the rest are shades of Pink..It has taken about nine years for the White Iris to finally developed more than one she is a nice healthy clump!


cici said...

what a beautiful bouquet♥ Peonies are my favorite

Daisy said...

What a gorgeous bouquet, Ginny! I'm so glad you are able to enjoy them this year. :)

ladydi said...

So pretty, Miss Ginny, just like you!

The Gingerbread House said...

Out of all the comments so far..I give Ladydi a plus :o) because she said I was pretty hehehe wonder how much that will cost me, besides "thank you" the rest of you should show some manners :o)...
Ginny (who is just to sweet for words)...Then again, I'm glad I'm here too!:o) I think Peonies are my favorite until I see the next flower..:o)..