Friday, June 25, 2010

Its Canning time again~

Today it was 96 degrees in NC..but I didn't feel strained at all ...thank God for the A/C... I was calm sleeveless and cool while putting away some squash and zucchini..the faint aroma of it made me happy :o) if it taste half as good as it smelled,we are in for some treats..Cecil loves squash, it's one of his comfort foods..I've got to find a good space for my canned goods, I've about exhausted my spaces here. (who knew I'd miss the basement "Food Room" that I had become accustomed too!..I'll find some space here or my name ain't Ginny!


Deborah said...

Is that summer squash in those jars? I'd love to hear about putting up summer squash. I don't know what to do with mine when I get it.

I love your garden. It is beautiful.

ladydi said...

For goodness sake, Miss Ginny! You are amazing. From the ICU last summer to canning your homegrown vegetables this summer. A miracle, indeed, and one I'm very thankful for.

The Gingerbread House said...

Deborah, yes M'am that's summer squash your looking at in my jars :o) was easy as pie to put up too!
All I did was wash,trim ends off,cut in one inch cubes,
pack raw into hot jars,add boiling H2O,put into steam canner for 50 minutes quarts..and your done..I put my oven on warm a little less than 200 degrees (about 180 degrees) to keep the jars hot and the jars are still nice and hot from washing..Ginny
Ladydi, you know God never does anything half A**
he leaves that to us :o)...Ginny

Daisy said...

Ginny, you've been so busy. Look at all those canned vegetables. That's wonderful! :)

The Gingerbread House said...

daisy, I've got more squash about another twenty minutes when the canner cools. ginny