Monday, October 18, 2010

My Poor Lil Herb Garden

Our First Box Has Many Herbs

Our Second Box
Basil, Cabbage,Collards
I had such high hopes for this first Garden Box. It really petered out of my expectations :o(  First of all the Basil which I expected to jump up high didn't do doodly squat & lt ( an old expression of something that failed :o(Even though the Basil didn't do well in this box it went terrific in the second box, that had  different and better soil in it.
The soil was so rich and the Collards grew so fast 
that the worms began to eat them..we had to hurry up
and do something. So I cleaned picked them and we had three
good meals of them  in one pot, I made up my own insect repellent to kill the worms! and so far so good. 

UPDATE: no wonder the worms tried to eat them up from us! They were simply delicious, so soft and tender and with a hint of country ham and some cornbread with Jalapeno's ..yum what more could you ask for, but more :o)


Daisy said...

Well, Ginny, I'm sorry the first box didn't do as well as you hoped, but it sounds like the second one made up for it a bit! Sounds delicious! :D

Dorothy said...

Nothing like good home raised veggies. I need to make some of those raised beds. I used to 'garden' in some of those, but Jeep doesn't 'do' gardening so I may just keep buying them at the store!!!

Mama-Bug said...

Ginny, my hubby's dad mixes up a solution of a little dish soap and lots of water and sprays his greens. The bugs hate it and so do the rabbits. Just wash real good after you pick them.

The Gingerbread House said...

Mama-bug, I use that recipe too, only add some Jalapeno peppers to seems to be working now.

Dorothy, Jeep sounds like Cecil not wanting to make the boxes until I threatened him "I'll do it myself" (that takes away from his manhood :o) so he does it :o)...That's one of the tricks out of my special bag!

Daisy, the second box really worked for us..The Collards gave me six or seven full quart jars. Ginny

ladydi said...

I love that your harvest season lasts such a long time. (Maybe it depends on what you plant?) Good going, Miss Ginny and Mr. Cecil!

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, I'm learning that planting greens in the fall is really the best time (so I've been told) that you don't have to fight the worms all spring into summer. Well, I don't feel that's really true, because the worms ate the heck out of my collards and forced me to pick them before they were completely gone..At least I got 6 or 7
quarts of them for the first good picking.. If they are still available we are going to purchase more plants and do them again...won't be a waste ...all my kids and neighbors love them....Ginny