Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Today it's a little bit of squash"

Today was a good day, First to the Dr's to get a vitamin B12 shot  (I think it's my last one of the series)  Then off to vote...I tell you some of those people I never heard of !!! and it was almost hard to tell who was what and what for or against..So I just prayed God direct my finger, and I know there are many out there feeling the same.
Then a stop at the store to pick up some Zero's while they are on sale  (sorry ladydi, I've got a lot of work to do and with a Zero I can get it done :o)
 I'm also feeling somewhat  like a squrril, putting away every thing trying not to waste, least I want.  
I think it was around May or June that Acorn Squash was plentiful and I had read somewhere (probably the internet) that it would last at least 4 months without spoiling in a dark closet, so into the canning closet they went.!
Well, that was something I had to try, since this year was the first year I had them. I'm happy to say that it worked! I probably could have waited a couple of weeks longer to test them out ...but I figured today is the day and time. I only had three of them left , so I cooked them in the pressure cooker and was able to get 3 full cups pulp (meat) from  the inside, plus more than enough seeds to grow my own next year :o)  .I'm such a smarty pants ..just imagine if I had more than "One Acre", I'd work myself to death.


Dorothy said...

Yes, it's probably a good thing that you don't have more space or you you'd kill yourself working so hard!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, I know what you mean Ginny. I bet you would have acres of wonderful good things if you had the land! By the way, the fields are all white here and abundant with cotton. Looks like a bumper crop for the farmers this year. I think of you each time this year! Blessings,Kathleen

The Gingerbread House said...

Dorothy, that may be the truth, Seems now I need Vit B12 shots to keep me going, always being tired. They do help I'm finding...Ginny

Daisy said...

Ginny, you're so clever! And you are already planning for next year by saving the seeds so you can plant more. Good for you!

The Gingerbread House said...

Kathleen, I haven't been able to drag myself to my Spinning wheel or my weaving I've been so busy with the garden and all it gives my hands to do!

Daisy, I've been called a Smarty pants before :o) thanks anyhow that only encourages me :o) I hope the seeds will be good and I'm here and able to plant them.

ladydi said...

You reminded me of how much my dad liked acorn squash! It was a pleasure to prepare it for him, it made him so happy. We used to slit it in a few places and pop the whole thing in the microwave for eight or nine minutes and then scoop the insides out to enjoy. Good thinking to save the seeds to plant next year!

Mama-Bug said...

Good morning Ginny! Just keep on putting away for later; it's nice to be able to open a jar or get something out of the freezer that you've put away yourself. The persimmon jam turned out wonderful. check out my blog this morning when you get a chance.

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi,I hadn't thought of the microwave for the squash, it seemed to take too long in the oven and I found the pressure cooker for 5-8 minutes was enough for them to be soft and tender and scoop out easily.
Seeds are expensive in the pack when you add them up. I even put away some Roma seeds , hope they produce next year. Ginny

Mama-Bug, as high as I expect the gas for heating to rise (never mind the car) you have to save where you can and the less I run to the store the better for my pocket book...I'm going to check out your blog.Ginny