Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just couldn't leave the blog hanging today

Isn't this plant just one of the prettiest thing in the fall...I've had it so long I've forgotten it's name!
I brought it with me from NJ. it used to sit near the front door in the corner as you came up the steps..here it sits in the corner near the back door on the Patio. I think it thinks it's in the same place :o) it gets shade really most of the day but rays of sunlight gives it what it needs.
Here is another transported beauty from NJ. I didn't take such a good picture of it, I needed to bend down a little...but my back said "straighten up girl before you throw something out of whack" and I quickly did.
sometime you have to follow your mind, if I threw my back out , I wouldn't be able to put away Cecil and my picking greens again today. It seemed to take us much longer today than last time, then we realized we picked more :o)  (we are greedy little guts when it comes to greens)
We started about 11am (I slept late)  and we picked and picked...each time we said that's enough we would see one that looked to good to leave, and before we knew it we had picked all day :o) it was like eating potato chips  we couldn't just pick one :o) As I write this blog ....this is what's waiting to be washed , blanched, and jarred..after I add some bacon in the bottom of each jar..guess I'll be up half the night :o)
I took this picture twice (once to remove the towels covering the so the wind wouldn't
blow the leaves away..and then to show the three containers full, and one of the containers I had on the table is hiding behind a container of ivy leaves ..Oh well!
Professional photographer I'm not..green grower, :o) that's my name.


Dorothy said...

Yes, you ARE a good greens grower! Wish I had some fresh ones! I looked at some at the store, but they looked old and tired, so I left them there!
Pretty flower but I don't know it's name, either.

Daisy said...

I don't know what that plant is either, Ginny, but it is a pretty one! You have been quite the busy farmer with all those greens! :-D

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladies, the plant name is something like "live forever" when I remember I'll post an update. I hope it's just that I'm so busy that I forget it's name and not some medical emergency!

Yes, yes! I feel like quite the farmer :o) grinning and falling over taking bows :o) I really wish I had some chickens to complete my fantasy :o( Cecil is very proud too, he has also been very helpful with the picking and cleaning of them. He thinks a larger row like a farmer would be too much, I think maybe he's right! I'm tired now, but tomorrow is another day to finish up the greens.. Ginny

ladydi said...

And greens are so much healthier than potato chips!

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, does the cornbread count? :o) hehehe I'm such a smarty pants..Ginny

Mama-Bug said...

The plants are so pretty Ginny! That little greens patch of yours is doing quite well.

The Gingerbread House said...

Mama-bug, that "little green patch" is working the H***
out of me :o)...Cecil picked some today and picked more that he thought so I'll be putting them in the freezer later..I have a big pot full from his picking for the weekend dinning.Farmers don't get a break :o)

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

You certainly are a green grower! Such wonderful bounty! blessings,Kathleen

The Gingerbread House said...

Katheen, truly my cup is running over..usually I put them in the freezer in one pound increments...now I've starting to put them in three pounds increments for family meals..trying to save my jars for some collards and Rutabaga :o)...Ginny