Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farmer Cecil's Potato Patch :o)

Cecil is turning into a real farmer :o) Just take a look at his potato rows , They look so nice and Healthy. I can see I'll be busy putting some of them up in's a lot of work once!  it feels good when your tired, busy or just lazy to prepare a meal quickly by opening a jar.

The Pear tree is so loaded that Cecil made a makeshift arm for the limb  to lean on (that's that white board you see with one across it) least it break from the's a good little "country" idea  (hey! its working). Note the Peonies that are just falling all over the place..I was able to get another bouquet and one to share before the rain came and the water messed them up..Now I need to just snip them all off..and wait for next year :o(

Notice how much taller and thicker the Potato row is at the bottom! We don't know why (unless the nutrients land there before the drop of the land). (That's the compost slat showing ).

At least I was able to get another bouquet before they were completely gone for the season..they didn't last an hour inside before they
started to droop :o(

UPDATE:  Silly us, the reason some of the potatoes look bigger there are two different ones ..First part of the row are Yukon Gold and the second half are White potatoes...Cecil is getting old and forgets :o) me too! Never to old to learn something (if your so smart why didn't you think of that and let us know :o(


ladydi said...

Very impressive, Miss Ginny! It's interesting that the potatoes prefer one end of the garden over the other.

Annie's Granny said...

Lovely peonies, and really good looking potatoes. Maybe the fact they are planted right next to the compost bin tells you why the plants are larger. I did that with tomatoes one year. Got huge plants with no fruit. That won't happen with your potatoes ;-)

Daisy said...

Your garden is looking great, Ginny! I bet Cecil is already looking forward to the pear cobbler you'll make from the pears on that tree. Sounds like you're going to have a bumper crop this year! :D

cathy@home said...

Lovely looking potatoes what are they?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

that is a beautiful tater bed! and i just love seeing your peonies. mine are up but arent blooming yet. i guess you and i will be canning all those potatoes together. last summer i thought it was the silliest idea - but wow what a great way to have an easy supper! this summer i'll be putting up all the taters i can grow!

have a great day!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Ladydi, I think they get what they need at the middle of
the land before the nutrients fall down the hill.

Annies Granny, The compst is inside the bin and the potatoes don't get it until we put it on the land..I better get something under that ground or I'll eat those leaves :o).

Daisy, I intend not to waste a core this year with those pears..I'm wishing for a bumper crop.:o)

Cathy@home, Yukon Gold and white. We also planted some Red potatoes in the garden< hope they do as well..Got the bag on Sale they might catch on, they should have been in the ground a long time ago..we shall see if they make it.

Ohiofarmgirl, We thought the same thing. Potatoes were cheap and why bother! after that experiment that's all I want to do to save time and energy and money :o) that's what I call a good life too. :o)..The Peonies were great this year with all the rain..They don't last long once they bloom.:o(