Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm so pleased with how the tomatos in the box are doing ..they are really tall and have blooms on them, I can't wait to bite into the first ripe one and save the seeds :o)  On the way to tomato alley you have to pass the "canned tomatoes" (my idea of a pun :o). I didn't have room to plant these so I stuck them in a can and they are thriving very nicely. Around the bend to the Side garden as I promised to show you is "Tomato Alley" :o)  Below at the "Side Garden".

Then onto onto the "cabbage patch" :o) I don't think, or should I say I won't run out of cabbage if the bugs will just behave and leave them alone..So far with the seven I might be able to make some Kraut from my gardens after all. As you walk pass "Tomato Alley" and the "Cabbage Patch" you come to the front of the house where I have incorporated more cabbage :o)Behind the flowers I planted a row of cabbage, they are on sort of a hill since the land slopes it has a two fold purpose of my own making holds the land and 

it should give me a couple of meals :o)  I didn't realize you could get so much
cabbage from one pack of seeds :o)..I know the neighbors are drooling waiting for the Harvest :o) The peppers at the end of the  "Cabbage patch" aren't doing well ;o  but the mini ones in the back box are doing nicely..being shadowed by those tall tomatoes.


Engineeredgarden said...

Everything's looking good, young lady. :)

One pack of cabbage seeds will plant at least 100 cabbages....

Daisy said...

Your "farm" is doing quite well, Ginny. :-) I hope you have a wonderful crop. I'm sure your neighbors are quite jealous of all of it. :-D

Have a nice weekend!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Edngineeredgarden, Now you tell me! :o( Hope the rest are good for next year.

Daisy, it is quite a nice little farm :o) I've fooled myself into thinking of the crows ,cardinals and the other birds I can't name as my chickens :o) isn't that a nice fantasy :o)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

its so nice to see everything blooming! we'll catch up soon enough