Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fried Green Tomato's

Do you remember me saying that when the kids saw those "Fried Green Tomato's" they would be "Flying home" :o)...see I didn't lie :o) They started arriving yesterday! I'll be tied to the stove the next few days.
The "Spahgetti Medley" is a special favorite of one..and "ItalianSausage
in a "Tomato gravy".. With "Pear and Apple Cobbler" for dessert. The green tomato's get to live another day..
Tomorrow, I will make another dish for one that's a favorite :o)..When the kids are home, we have food orgies :o) and everyones to full to move. "No Place like home". 


Melodye said...

Except for "being tied to the stove" sounds like fun. Even though I will admit that cooking when the kids come home is different. Have fun!!

Daisy said...

Have a great time visiting with your family, Ginny! The food looks delicious, and I'm sure no one will go hungry. :D

Ohiofarmgirl said...

looks DE-licious! Cant wait to see your fried green maters. I made fried zucchini - if only I had a tomato to go with them.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Melodye, they want some dishes from "way back" when they were kids :o), Nothing like mama's cooking :o).

Daisy, the food was a bit tasty :o) especially the cobbler ;o)

Ohiofarmgirl, those green maters get eaten up before I can take a picture of them..I think I'll make some with breakfast tomorrow..i can forget about canning any while the fried green tomato monsters are here :o)

Mama-Bug said...

It's always a treat to come home to mama's cooking. I couldn't wait to go visit my grandma and enjoy all my favorites from her kitchen. Hope you have a great time enjoying the kids!

Paula said...

Mmmmm-have you got room for one more at your table, Miss Ginny? *wink*

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

mama bug, I didn't have a living grandma's house to visit for good eats :o(...but I did have my mama who was an excellent cook and always would invite us :o)

Paula, there has to always be room for one more, When I said we have food orgies I wasn't kidding..I'm getting tired.. I'm making cornbread and that's the last thing Im cooking today ;;besides a big pot of home grown greens and another with rice and another big one with Pork and Homegrown kraut with Home grown potatoes < l just loved saying that :o)