Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Resting doesn't mean stop eating!

In order to preserve some energy I've been having "Subway" sandwich's a few times here of late...not being used to "the easy way"  in our house it's hard to just sit and rest regardless of how much you need too. I made "mind plans" you know the ones you get into your head just when and how you would do it so you get it done without a lot of  work :o).. I had Cecil lift that big frozen ham out of the freezer and put it into one of my stock pots..filled it with water and added all my spices, vinegar,Habenero peppers, garlic cloves , onions, rosemary. Cuban oregano..and maybe a  couple more spices I didn't mention...let that soak over night (while it defrosted)  then in the morning I drained all the spices poked holes in it and put it back into the water.after a couple hours..salted and peppered that ham..threw all the spices over it and cooked in in the oven about three hours ..took the Aluminum cover off and let it continue cooking ..All I can say it's  delicious..I didn't take a very good picture of it.. I had to debone it  (almost a 3 pound bone in it :o(  and then try to 'mold" it into slicing will be better tomorrow.,,for sandwiches :o)

I was watching the show "Down home with the Neely's" and they made some fries that sent me reeling ...I wanted some :o)  So I pre boiled a few potatoes..drained them and added my spices,Pancho and olive oil and cooked them in the oven on the top rack while the ham was cooking...I "thought" I had prepared enough for the next day leftovers..well, do I have to tell you they were good and Cecil  spared no mercy partaking of them :o)  ( I helped too :o). 
Even trying to take it easy , I was on a roll :o).

Cecil went to the garden and picked up a couple of Boc Choy's for me and I prepared them for our veggie..I'm really enjoying Boc Choy and feel like a farmer when I harvest them for dinner...They won't last much longer ...I'm so glad I planted them...and next fall I'll plant double :o)...


Daisy said...

It all looks yummy, Ginny! I think dinner must always be yummy at your house. You and Cecil make a good team. :-)

Robin said...

Ginny, You defintely know how to cook a good meal! Everything looks yummy! I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying that Boc Choy. We love it around here!

Leigh said...

What a great way to thaw/cook ham! This sounds like a definite must try. Actually, a similar technique could be used for almost any frozen meat, couldn't it?

Anonymous said...

You don't know the meaning of the word "rest"!!! But it looks delicious!


Mr. H. said...

You all are just as bad as we are, make enough for leftovers and after dinner there is nothing left.:) Those potatoes sound wonderful and I just watched your fried tomato video...yummy. We will try that soon!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

we are so very happy with the Boc choy and I'm so glad you told me to year we are going to double the planting..

I do that with most of my frozen pork, and I start a frozen corned beef at night with it's seasoning by morning it's good and tender and I put it into a hot oven to brown..that gives it an extra kick :o)

When you try to be a farmer you realize that you have to do things to get them done regardless of how tired, sick or whatever you are:o).

Mr. H.
It's hard to believe that two old folks like us could eat so much food in a day :o) Cecil really works his off..and I'm just fat in a few places :o)...I think you will like those fried green tomatoes...slice 1/4 inch thick ,salt pepper, corn meal and flour mixed with spices and you will be good to go.:o)

Mrs.Pickles said...

Everything looks great! Sometimes is harder to rest then to actually do

Jody said...

How delicious. It looks like somebody around there loves cooking too!

Jody said...

Ginny, how delicious. Resting is eating! We're supposed to get pork soon too. We'll be looking for more great ideas from you.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs Pickles
resting when you know something needs doing is a hard thing to do..when I think I might just fall over I sit there and rest a bit longer ...and wish for better days.

somebody here does love to cook :o) especially when someone here enjoys it as much as I do cooking it,besides we all get grumpy when hungry :o)