Saturday, October 29, 2011

This far with the Pumpkin

First thing I want to make is Pumpkin Soup!
So I may as well have all my ingredients ready, so here I'm frying up my bacon and my bowl of onions, peppers,carrots and thyme are waiting :o)..
This was one of the nicest pumpkins I've seen , the meat of it was a bright color and it was ripe and looked so good Cecil wanted to taste what Raw Pumpkin tasted he took a sample :o)
He really thought the taste was good :o).
You can barely make out the pan in front that I have the peeled and cubed pumpkin. I made the soup and some of my "Angel Biscuits" and that was our dinner, it was very  tasty and I had enough made in that pot for two more meals of Pumpkin Soup..
Which i promptly put into my little freezer containers and they will make a nice lunch or dinner with a sandwich :o).I'm so frugal.
I love it when I can make so much out of nothing..Cecil paid $3.99 or $4.99 for it. and look how many meals I've already made

.plus I  saved some out for a couple of pies tomorrow which when I make them, I'll send a post..
In the meantime I froze the rest of the cooked cubes (five pounds) and put them into the freezer, hoping that "food saver Penny" would act like she should..even frozen as I worked she thawed  ( I don't work that slow).and I had to stop because of the water collection anyway..I put them into the saver bags and stood them up in the freezer...I'll try it again tomorrow and see if that works better. otherwise the "food saver" is dud! and not a deal.

I think the Seed from this Pumpkin shows a lot about how developed it was..even though it was a small pumpkin the meat was a bright color and the seeds are very large..I forgot to put money near the seeds to show how large and full they are...I'm trying to dry them in the Studio..maybe I'll toast a few also ..but I've done enough for today ...I'm still supposed to be resting ..(yeah right! )

Update:  I tried baking some of the seeds and didn't pay attention and baked them too long :o( so they were not edible :o(
at least I was smart enough to save some just for planting come Spring! :o) I'm still learning ...


Mrs.Pickles said...

looks like you were very busy today! Its nice when you can turn one thing into a few meals :|)

cathy@home said...

Well done on your clever use of a little pumpkin.
I have never had pumpkin pie so I will looking forward to the next blog.

Daisy said...

Well, you've stretched that one little pumpkin pretty far, Ginny! You sure are busy for somebody who's supposed to be "resting." ;-)

Mr. H. said...

Mmm, pumpkin soup sounds good. Cecil is one lucky fellow.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs Pickeles,
I feel so thrifty when I can multiply one thing into many :o)

thanks for the praise :o), check out the four pies made today..
Mr. H.
the soup was delicious and so were the Angel Biscuits with it..once in a great while they turn out terrific :o)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I'm just so fugal :o) seems I can't stop making a mountain out of a molehill :o) or so many things out of one pumpkin..I'm on a roll :o)

ladydi said...

You call this resting?? It all looks delicious. Good leftovers are like money in the bank - treasures.