Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been a busy bee! Now I'm pooped!

Here I'm smiling and trying to show off the new watch and earrings that the "kids" gifted me with for Christmas (among other goodies I'm not showing, but I don't have to rush to do laundry for more than a couple of weeks :o) you girls know what I mean) Men , mind your business.
First cousin was a big help shopping with me..She even shared some of her % cards so I made out like a bandit :o)  Plus I got a favorite watch repaired..boy! they don't mind charging you almost the cost of the watch :o(.  but they did a good job...I can at least wear it now..

At first i was put out with Kodak, I had so much trouble with it showing "paper Jam", but this morning they made it good with a replacement..First cousin saved the day, she was patient waiting on the phone when i couldn't deal with push this and hold for that...good thing she was here ...Next day my warranty would have been done...Now I have to wait for it to decide if it's going to print color for me..took four pages before it wanted to print black and white. :o( Can you see all the junk I have :o) I need to clean up I'm losing work space :o)


Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely gifts and a great pic of you! Glad to hear that 1st cousin was able to help you get a replacement printer. I will be sending good printing vibes your way!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs Pickles,
it took awhile before the black ink printed, now I'm waiting for the color to kick in :o( wasn't any trouble to set up.. I need my printer for so many items..

Kris said...

You and me both, seems I work harder when I am on vacation than I do at work. I enjoy getting things down though, it makes me happy to stay busy.

Annie's Granny said...

I gave up on my Kodak printer and bought another HP. Nothing but problems with the Kodak. Good cameras, lousy printers :-(

I got some pretty jewelry and perfume from the Mr., and my unmentionables are mentionable...robe and slippers!

The verification word describes our gifts perfectly...pretific . I think that is short for pretty terrific, LOL!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

maybe that's why it's called WORK instead of REST :o)
VACATION sounds like a position of not being occupied :o) but it seems I'm always in the position of Working :o)

I agree with you 100% Best printer I had was an HP that will be my next one again...I need more robes and slippers than clothes :o) cause that's what i wear mostly to be comfy, and I always need the unmentionables :o)

Daisy said...

Miss Ginny your gifts are lovely and so are you! I hope you get things worked out with your printer. Happy New Year!

ladydi said...

I'm so glad to see you looking well and happy! Happy New Year to you and Cecil.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

trying to hang in there, takes a lot of effort sometimes :o) but i keep on pushing.

I'm always happy to go shopping for favorite things :o) but the old body gets tired of walking..they should have chairs around to help the elderly take a break every few steps..then we would shop more and spend more. :o)..

ladydi said...

Miss Ginny, have you seen the "ambulators" on wheels? They are sort of like a walker with large wheels, but they have a seat you can use when you get tired. Larry's parents use theirs all the time, and those seats come in very handy. In a pinch we once used it as a wheelchair, which worked very well.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I thought you came up with something new! When I go grocery shopping I would use the cart to lean on. Here of late I use those "in store" mechanical moving ones and I don't feel bad using them at least I can shop in comfort.Some stores don't have them..I shop where they do.. Big clothing stores don't have them. My Dr. asked me if I needed a chair like the "Jazzy",I might and won't be too proud to use it either.