Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hi every one im a day late... but at least im hear (here) see i know the  difference. If i can just remember.. I find it  a little  hard to do ..I find i  forget quite a bit these days forgive me if I dont (feel) the same. Im still with the sickness "stroke" and its so hard to remember things that just rolled off my tongue. I wish i could write a book about how i feel...but it would take a few pages..Let me say this though,sometime i wonder why it had to be me..then I think  why not me .,.who would tell it better...when  it first happened i thought (secretly) in a year ill have this beat. Well, that was two years ago and im still trying to beat it..Thank God I have the computer to help me get back on track. I think of all of you often , and i wonder if you all thing of me  often. I love you all! Ginny


jillied said...

Dear Ginny
I don't know if you got my comment, yesterday. I am so happy to see you posting again.
We're fighting "the battle o9f the stroke" at our house, too. Frank has not been able to talk for about 18 months now and is doesn't look like he is going to improve. Not the way we planned on spending our "golden years".
Keep writing, dear friend....your messages just brighten my day!!
xoxoxo jillie

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay! so glad to hear your voice! you just keep on goin' and we will be glad to hear your every word.

Daisy said...

Hi Ginny! I'm sorry you have trouble remembering things, but don't worry about it. Things have a way of working out. I saw a recipe in a magazine recently of some blueberry cobbler, and it made me think of all the wonderful desserts you made and wrote about in your blog. :-) I hope you keep feeling better and that spring comes soon so you can enjoy some sunshine. Thinking of you. Hugs from Daisy.