Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hi everybody, i think i'm on a  roll (smile,) three days and im still going strong (ha ha ha). well that means that day four i'm entitled to rest (maybe).I still cant see out of my left eye i have to hold my head crazy ways to get things lined up but i see the TV nicely.. no problems there (yet) . Today i am going to just take it easy and let Cecil rule the roost.. hes so happy that i cant tell him what to do , that he is really bossing everybody around  if he could use the computer he would even be bossing you.Well if you noticed this letter is longer than the one before. I get tired quickly, Time to get off , love ya! Ginny


Daisy said...

Hi there, Ginny! So Cecil is ruling the roost? That's OK. He can have a turn every once in a while. Haha! So glad to hear your sense of humor again. You make me smile. If you want to rest tomorrow, you go ahead. You deserve it. Love ya! Hugs from Daisy.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i would LOVE for Cecil to give us some bossing! ha! so glad to see you up and about. *hugs*