Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Loaf of Bread

Sunday was a dreary kind of day......with little energy to venture out .....decided to make some bread......with some idea's I had .....adding some spices, just to test the taste difference.....
I added one tablespoon each of Jalepeno peppers and onion flakes........I totally forgot the Garlic! until it was too late.....using the Bread Machine doesn't allow you choices late in the game, nor does hand mixing sometimes :o( Next time I'm going to add double the amount of Jalepeno Peppers , I think the onions were enough....and add Garlic.

Towards the end you get the aroma of the bread when it's nearing being complete ....wish I hadn't forgot that garlic.. As you can see it turned out pretty good...I don't think you can see
specks of Jalepeno....unless you can zoom in......the onion flakes didn't show up at all , but you could smell them......
I would have added some homemade Jelly on the slices , but I had enough butter on them both...:o(
That was my breakfast this would be nice if I said I had a cold glass of milk with it.....but why lie! I had a nice cold glass of Diet Pepsi !! and it was soooooo good :o) ( Don't tell my Dr).

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