Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beans Beans and More Beans on the Side

I tell you these are some good looking beans all lined up in a Row like soldiers :o)
I don't know why this side of the house is so fertile for veggies, but we are willing to go with the flow...After all , we only have "Almost an Acre" so we have to do the best we can ....If we were a little younger ....say even ten betcha I would talk Cecil into buying a farm :o) He would love it too! , but we are both smart enough to know we couldn't handle it at this age , and leaving it to the kids huh! forget about that! we have to be content and have fun with the pretend. I'm still going to get that "Cement Pig" and I'm going to name him "Charlie".

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Daisy said...

Your beans are looking good, Ginny! What kind are they? When I was growing up, my parents grew lima beans and green beans every year.