Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Beans are Up

Remember last week I showed you the Harvest of those beautiful potatoes :o)..Well, such big farmers as we are ....Cecil cleaned up the spot and refertilized it with our new "recycled" paper :o> and seeded it with beans....watered them.....and look see what happened,....and in a week! I tell you we are some farmers with our "Almost an Acre" :o) It may be nothing to some ...but we are using what we have and thankful for it.. "Some have more and some have less,but I Thank You God my our little Mess" I'm on a roll today!:o)
I want to talk more about "Recycled Paper" don't you get fed up with all the junk mail you receive....tearing up trees to lull you into purchasing their product which usually isn't worth the paper it's written on! ..Well, I use my paper shredder and I was throwing it out..but reading another blog (Two Frogs Home) lady was using hers as mulch, I thought it was a good idea...."Waste not Want Not" my favorite motto...anyway she passed it to me and I'm passing it to you....

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