Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Stool for Weaving

I've been busy weaving old stool fell apart and getting a new one was imperative..... Sometimes you make a decision that's right for you ....and then someone else thinks something else would be better for you...and why! is it always someone who isn't wearing your shoes? ...When I started this weaving , I hated the "Bench" that's usually used with it....I had an old "bar stool" (as it's called) and I found that it worked very well, my thighs weren't being pinched by the squareness (lack of another word to describe). but the stool worked better ....I am kind of "perched" on it and I'm comfortable for a long span of time. Anyway,Mr "know better than me" thought that the bench type would be better because it was wider (what's he trying to say about my bottom?)...I got the bench type yesterday and today it went back before it got cold out of the store and I exchanged it for the one that suited me best (plus it was cheaper).I kept the wrapping on it just in case, but I think it has a home :o)I like working on it....

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