Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trials and Errors of a New Weaver

This is what I've been doing for the last couple of days! I've had just about everything happen so far that could happen...My Selvage cord broke in the middle of weaving, that took time to repair to keep going...I forgot what pattern I was doing :o) plain weave or I just kept on going....tried to learn to change colors to give my mind something else to think about while weaving....I'm laughing at myself with all the dumb mistakes...but I'm learning :o) I had to "Read the Blessed Book" and one thing that has puzzled me from the get go finally was made clear...Teacher explained it (so she thought :o) but when I read it in the book I felt like a jerk it was so clear...Oh Well,some things don't come easy for some.
At least give some credit for trying....


Lindsay said...

I'm just commenting on today's post so you'll see it. We were looking for pictures of collards so we could figure out whether we had collards or kale in our organic food basket this week, and came upon your blog, and I enjoyed it.

(Answer -- collards. We stewed them with tomatoes and kidney beans.)

- the usually unidentified boyfriend from

Daisy said...

Your weaving is beautiful, Ginny! :D