Sunday, July 6, 2008

Loss of a Pear Tree Limb

Yesterday we were saddened by the loss of a Pear Tree Limb!(If you look closely you can see where we trimmed her branch.(center):o( We were puzzled as to what happened to it....First we thought it was hit by Lightening!, then we thought the Deer had nibbled on it and caused a problem...The pears were doing so nicely and I was "Counting my Pears before they were ripe" then all of a sudden the Pears on the end of the branch began to shrivel up it was obvious they weren't being fed!...We even thought that the Wisteria tree we removed that was still growing underground was choking the tree:o( So being the "Supervisor" that I am (Cecil knows better than to cut my babies without asking if he wants to live a peaceful life with me).I gave permission to cut off the limb so as to save the rest of the tree if there was a disease to fight.....From what we could see , the limb was so "laden" with Pears the branch pulled away from support of the tree..We had stabilized one branch with another branch that had died (or was hit with lightening. This morning she looks pretty solid , and we are praying she will recover and continue to grow and do what her purpose is ....Supply us with her fruits.

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