Friday, July 4, 2008

Watermelon Mess for now!

Last week another Blogger made some Watermelon pickles ....and that only reminded me of how good they were and how long ago it was since I had any....too busy making Cucumber Christmas Pickles (which are also delicious and a special treat for Christmas guest). Ended up buying a delicious Watermelon and started cutting up the rind...Haven't decided which recipe I'm going to follow ...I researched all my old Ball books (they are almost as old as me :o) and found a couple that might fill the has use of 16 Cinnamon sticks (no way, that's too much).Sometimes you have to use good judgement. As soon as we eat up the rest of the Watermelon...I'll get started...some are already cut up and saved in the Fridge..won't spoil ..
I'll post as I go along...In the meantime ....go look at the beautiful color of some spun yarn and a Fuchia will be a feast for your eyes... visit "Riverim" for the feast...look on my blog on the side to get there.....

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Daisy said...

Happy Fourth of July to you, Ginny! :D