Monday, August 4, 2008

Green Beans are Ready :o)

Aren't these the most beautiful beans you all have ever seen :o).....Sick, tired, and without a Pepsi for about 10 days is a trip....but these Green Beans, String Beans , whatever you might call them have kept me inspired :o)....This was the "First Pickings" and I'm proud to say they were 3/4 of a pound :o) with some mashed potatoes and a couple of chops (lamb or Pork) ....all you need is a handful. To make a pot of soup you need less....what a blessing! "Second Picking" yielded One an a quarter pound...then the "Third Picking" yielded One Pound and three quarters...So far that's 3 and 3/4 pounds, not bad for our "Almost an Acre" farm :o) ....that's showing the creator we are using what we have to good use. Seems the garden didn't do well at all...all these are from the side of the house..we put some cow manure in both places , guess they just did better in one spot....

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