Monday, August 18, 2008

The Most Crappy Blueberrie Pie Ever

Talk about goofing up a Blueberry Pie< I take the Medal! (At least I've won something). I wasn't going to tell this one , but I just can't keep my big mouth shut when it's time to tell the truth...even if it hurts....I know most of you think I'm perfect ...(well, I'm almost :o) but just so you don't try to outdo me...I have to tell you ..the pie doesn't even look good....In my haste and anxiety ( I could almost taste the pie making it) I forgot first thing to add some baking powder to my crust..after using real butter and mixing by hand and timing the fridge bit ugh! then I didn't add enough "Stevia" for it to be real sweet...should have used two or three tablespoons< and while dipping lost count :o(ugh! to anxious again to get it right....then remembered once it was in the oven that I forgot to add Vanilla flavoring...So I had to add them to the splits in the pie....another ugh!
What a pie making failure this was and I even had a nice new pie dish :o(
Cecil said it tasted good to him!< (what does Mikey know , he loves to eat and doesn't want me to feel bad). Wish I had an excuse for such a failure, but I will quote "If you tried and have not won , Never stop for trying , for all the good is often done when one never cease from trying"


Deborah said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again. Your pie sounds like the perfect excuse to make another one. :)

The Gingerbread House said...

Deborah, it's people like you that keep me going :o) I hate to have something like a pie destroy my ego...I'll have to make another so I can live with myself.:o)

Daisy said...

Well if Cecil liked it, it couldn't have been that bad. I agree with Deborah. It just means you learn from your mistakes and get to make another one. The next one will turn out just right, I bet! :D