Monday, August 4, 2008

These Nine Days seemed like Forever!

Hello all! Here I am again...what's that saying? "You never miss the water till the well runs dry" < Guess that's been me! When you get used to posting just about every miss the routine of it...even if your not feeling well....I had enough leisure time to wonder what every one was doing....sometimes I'd sneak into the blogs to check up on everyone ...especially those that I would frequent all the time.
I'm not out of the woods of being Tired and Weak yet, but I'm giving things a good try...Didn't think I'd last long without my beloved "Pepsi" .....well, as you see I've survived this long...and I can see the results in a couple of things that have changed that I'm trying to find a polite way of describing :o(
I can't believe I had to wait for my daughter to visit to remind me Of an old favorite that I grew up on "Seltzer Water"....Can you believe I'd forgotten that!! MY mother used to order it when it was in bottles with the silver top that you would spray into the glass ..( a little dab of milk and a dapple of chocolate, we called it an "Egg Cream"< delicious drink and the whole neighborhood used it as a staple drink...Probably only those who lived in Brooklyn NY know what I'm talking about :o)
Now that I'm on the Seltzer kick I don't miss the Pepsi at all < Did I just say that!
Maybe this ain't me! maybe the aliens have taken over and replaced me! They could have at least given me a smaller body!

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