Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Belated Post

This Post was supposed to be before the Award ..but I was excited and had so much trouble getting the Award post in order I forgot I had saved this ....
It is after showing Cecil eating the last of the Pear Cobbler!

Plus I also slept pretty good last night (and as you read further you will see why!) I've had a "light" breakfast (no grits today :o( ....Cecil was in a hurry to take down the bean stalks...they really performed this year around the side of the house...we are grateful for the bounty it gave us....at least 10-15 pounds...not bad for this "Almost an Acre" farm :o) It will feed us this winter..just a handful for every day dinners....Three on Sundays :o) don't forget the soups :o)
He also took down the tomato vines.....they too gave a good bounty, a little small (I wouldn't have given them the name "Big Boy" they were midgets :o), but sweet and tasty ,Glad we got them and not the Deer.first picture is of small tomatoes and last of the Jalapenos....I still have lots harbenero's from last year.


Deborah said...

You have the loveliest kitchen. I could get excited about spending time cooking in there too. That over the sink shelf is a great idea. Where did you find it?

The Gingerbread House said...

Wish I had thought about that , I would have spruced it up a bit LOL,
I don't remember where exactly, been so long probably Wal-Mart or Garden Ridge.Thanks for reminding me...Ginny