Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful for Another Day!

Yesterday was the pits! I don't know what happened could have been the vitamin I took Tuesday morning sometimes they cause me not to sleep...and then again maybe it was something I ate :o( could have been the blueberry pie(loaded with sugar).
Whatever it was caused me to have gastritis all night , felt like my stomach was a volcano, bubbling up " Nothing".
It could have been the allergy medication...sometimes the reaction to meds does you opposite of what you want to cure...anyway, yesterday was a bad day all around, all I did was sit in the chair and nod most of the day...

I had my Penicillin for breakfast...(Chicken Noodle Soup). that helped the tummy, I was able to make some Country Ham and grits (I love my grits) for lunch. I saved those ham fried remnants and grease (oil sounds better, but grease it is) in the Iron skillet...added some okra and tomatoes, with Kielbasa, onions, and garlic. And a nice pot of Rice to put it over..< it turned out to be quite tasty , nothing like getting some energy from an iron skillet...that's what the old folks used to cook with every day, not the fancy mancy cookware of today...maybe that's why they were so strong. Today I'm feeling better and have a few things I have to of them is to peel up those Pears that I thought we would eat in a day or so....they are ripening too fast and I don't want to lose them....after all, "Waste not Want Not" and I'd be a little ticked if I needed just one more quart of Pears :o). I forgot to add this to yesterdays blog...but it is the
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Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear yesterday was a bad day for you, Ginny. I hope today will be much better. I guess having the bad days makes us appreciate the good ones all the more. :D

The Gingerbread House said...

Your right about that Daisy, Today was a really good one, so I'm appreciative...and thank goodness the bad ones don't last long...Ginny