Friday, September 19, 2008

Start of Sausage Making

Here's something I know I'll make into something...not like the weaving you see below!......this is 10 lbs of Fresh Pork Butt.....I'll cube it all up with 2 lbs of pork fat......Sprinkle all my seasoning over it...let it sit in the fridge to marinate overnight (or do it in four or five hours if I feel up to it<> I felt up to it and managed to grind all 12 lbs and it's all in the Freezer....< I'm glad that's done....tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me....and I want to go to the Grand Opening of "Gateway Fabrics" Tina is supposed to have some nice new yarns and some new's all so exciting...I wish her well, and will support her efforts!

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Daisy said...

I think I can smell sausage cooking! ;) Sure smells good (in my imagination, anyway!) Looks good from here anyway. Wish I could come and visit you and sample a bit of it. :D