Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Try Wasn't a Failure

Your looking at a first time effort of making a "Pear Cobbler" ...Cecil swore his "Apple Pie" was a "Ten", and we both are quite amazed at how good the Pear Cobbler was. another "Ten"....I added my own little recipe (just tossing things that work together) and added Kathleen's from "Eggs in my Pocket" recipe for the Crust..And you should have seen how quickly I peeled the rest of the Pears and threw them in the freezer for next another treat.....Now Deborah I don't have to worry about making just "Pear Preserves" out of next years bounty :o)....God is Good!


Deborah said...

I just ate and yet your pictures are making me hungry! I don't have any turkey in the freezer yet, but I'm thinking I'll take out a chicken for tonight! Yummy!

The Gingerbread House said...

I saw those Turkeys and they look almost ready for Thanksgiving, poor things don't know what's in store for them :o).Baste them good!