Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Talking to God , be Specific

If your not specific God will open a window and pour out a blessing you won't have room to receive.......I "wished" for some Apples....and didn't say how many! Well, this morning I was blessed with more apples , these prettier than the last batch, and this morning we had some of the Apple Sauce I made yesterday..I have to say it was better than any store bought..:o) Cecil thinks I'm great, and can't seem to do enough to make me happy :o)....( I got him through his stomach hehehe)
I'm going to make some Apple Sauce ( Cecil can eat a jar in two or three days, I made quarts so I could get some too!....I'll be busy with the Apples the weekend, but that's just I'm making a pie in one of my old fashion pie dishes and so far it looks good, and the aroma is starting to filter in Life is good!


Daisy said...

Well, I have to use my imagination to smell that pie, Ginny, but it sure looks good from here! I bet Cecil loves that pie! :D

ladydi said...

Harvest time is a blessing, indeed! Mmmmm... it all looks good.

Deborah said...

It all looks good! I'm sure Cecil is blessed with all that good cooking.

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladies, Cecil enjoyed that pie more than I did, it didn't taste sweet enough to me without the Stevia....he can take the sugar without any bad results, the next morning (today) my sugar count was way up!...I had run out of Stevia and used sugar....betcha I ran for some first thing today!
The new Apples are waiting to be tended to....Ginny