Monday, February 9, 2009

Chapel of the Holy Cross

On top of the mountain where we looked down on the "Castle" is "The Chapel" Where there are a few Pews to sit and meditate and in the front Where the windows are(background on the right) you can light candles for prayers...Downstairs is a store for purchase of gifts , which I didn't want to go down and climb up again..(I don't do stairs because of my asthma).
I took some time to get there and was "winded" by the time I did....
Once inside my Sister in law, Cecil and my Daughter had their pictures taken's a lovely little place and I'm sorry I didn't spend a little more time to relax and say a good prayer...but where you are doesn't stop a prayer from being heard or answered.And I prayed heavily while getting up there :o) (each step):o)

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