Monday, February 9, 2009

On the Road to Grand Canyon

I took a lot of pictures while moving in the car...and they are clear and I think pretty good taking while moving... I'd like to take this time to thank once again "Alice" who works in Wal-mart she got down on her knees and pulled out several camera's from the back of the cabinet to find this Camera for me...Once she was satisfied..she showed me how to use it, and get rechargeable batteries for it...I find it's a excellent Camera ...My friend Jilly calls me Photographer...but it's really the camera:o)Kodak "Easyshare C 613" ..Just a satified customer.


ladydi said...

We have the same camera, and we just love it. We got it for each other for our 27th anniversary in 2007. At first Larry was our main photographer, but once I started blogging that all changed. :>}

The Gingerbread House said...

It's a good camera and I need to learn what I did to get the video working again..first time was in error , wish I knew what I did wrong to make it right again :o)