Friday, February 27, 2009

Visit to Kernesville to "Korner"s Folly

Yesterday Cecil and I took a trip with the Senior Citizen Group To Kernesville, NC
to a house by the name of "Korner's Folly" that was built by an architect by the name of J Gilmer Korner,Sr in 1918.
The family names Kerner and Korner descend from the Germanic background of a young Joseph Kernere (also seen sometimes as Kirner, Kurner and Koerner) who was born and raised int he Black Forest of Furtwangen, Germany
It was an interesting, and enjoyable Tour, Many of us had a little difficulty managing going up and down the very narrow and sometimes steep stairs..Most of the rooms were so small and close I felt a little claustrophobic ...and we were happy to reach the "Cupid Theatre" at the top were we were able to "sit down"...most of the tour inside the house was gained from climbing those steps ugh! I used muscles I forgot I had :o)....So did the others...

there were many things in the house that I recognized owning at one time or another in my life...especially an Antique
Couch that I had bought in NC when I visited from NJ...some 40 years ago!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it...even Cecil recognized it :o)...I also saw a little Toiletry set that I bought many years ago and I only have two remaining pieces of,that I still use piece was used to secure a string to a latch
to string those button shoes (I never used that piece)I'm going to see if I can find a picture of that couch in my files...:o) this was the first time we took a trip with the group (which was with two vans 17 in all) Our van was a nice group of ladies, (Cecil was the only man in the Tour besides one driver) but we had fun...and he wasn't bored with them nor they with him...

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