Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Expected Great Grands Parents (it's a girl")

Say hello to "Renee and Louis" they are pregnant with our first Great Grand Daughter.
They came to spend the 61st Anniversary with us..and so we could see Renee pregnant:o)..she is tiny but I bet she will have a big baby..isn't that always the way...
They are the reason I didn't take time to blog...we sat around and chewed the fat and they were enjoying the time as much as we enjoyed having them...He loves to eat and he and Cecil had a field day...I cooked some favorites that I was too busy to take picture of for the blog...I made a large Lasagna,(which I had to freeze the rest. a "sock -it -to- me -cake". Pear and Apple cobbler and they were pleased it was from their Grands tree..Chicken and Dumplings ..greens from the main garden (first crop too), and fried cornbread, they called "johnny cakes" "Spaghetti Medley" and breakfast included biscuits, brown and serve sausage...didn't have time to serve my homemade sausage...I did a lot of cooking..and they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed cooking for to take a rest ...maybe :o)


ladydi said...

Whoa! I need a rest just reading about all the cooking you did. You are a marvelous hostess, Miss Ginny, and I know they appreciated the wonderful meals you served. How exciting to have a new great-granddaughter on the way!

Daisy said... wonderful that you got to have such a nice visit with them, Ginny. Oh my goodness, all that food! You must be exhausted. It all sounds delicious though. They were lucky to have you doing all that cooking for them.

The Gingerbread House said...

I didn't even tell you about the breakfast and the meals in between:o)...I had to freeze the Lasagna it was too much leftover..I made double so there would be enough...and Yes, I need a rest, but there is so much to be done..with my farm and all :o)
chickens to be fed,crop to be harvested :o)...(hens and chicks flowers :o)and fresh real greens so I didn't tell a lie.
Don't I have a good imagination :o)