Thursday, September 17, 2009

She looks like !!!!! everybody :o)

Isn't it funny ...when a new baby arrives ...everyone can see the resemblance of someone in their family and nothing of the other family :o)...I swear the baby looks just like me before I put my teeth in :o)
I can say, if there are any flaws's from the other family :o)
I only take credit for all the good stuff....since I'm so magnificent :o)
(watch what your thinking! , I can sometimes read minds :o(
Nothing in the plans for today...just plan to take it easy and sit in those "Chair beds" and nod..both of us feel pain and discomfort in this kind of rainy weather...I really want to start on a knit project...since it's not too much or strenous for me...just have to get started...I have a number of them I need to start...


ladydi said...

There's the Ginny we've been missing! The one excited to start knitting again, and reminding us that she's the best Ginny that ever was - with our whole hearted agreement. Will you be knitting baby items?

Deborah said...

Congratulations Ginny!

Daisy said...

Whoever she looks like, she is gorgeous! I can't see any flaws at all in that perfect little baby. Congratulations, Ginny on your new family member. What a blessing! Now get those knitting needles out and make something to celebrate! :D