Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking random pictures riding in Arizona

I took a lot of "random shots" because I didn't want to forget some of the sites I was seeing..I don't have them in order , but hey! enjoy them just the same...(eggs are good for dinner too :o)...I'm such a smart A#$# (alec :o) got-cha)hehehe.

Today is the first day Or I should say last night was the first night I didn't cough my head off...I think, I hope , I pray ...that that cold is outta here! it has kept me confined to a degree and miserable along with it...the new chairs (should I say new beds?) were really a blessing...Cecil and I both kept them warm with our bodies..while we watched TV...and snacked on things we weren't supposed to have :o).
I've been having a good time watching the cooking shows for some good menu's...I find a lot of them do and use a lot of things that I've used for years..and I've seen some cook some delicious meals...I think I'm going to gain back everything I lost ...My skin is beginning to look tighter :o( Maybe a little work in the garden will help when it's warmer ...poor Cecil ..he can't bend down anymore it's too dangerous.His Dr. warned him..he might pop that replacement right out and then he would be in trouble.


Daisy said...

Very pretty view you shot there, Ginny. Those cooking shows always make me hungry! I think those chairs have been a wonderful gift to you and Cecil. You both seem to be getting a lot of use from them. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better too! :-)

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy, those chairs are as dangerous as they are comfortable..
once we sit, it holds us :o) and we have "sat and can't get up" :o)
I think I'm feeling too good, I'm feeding my face too often :o(..