Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cactus is in full bloom!

Prickly Pear almost picked clean  from Cactus
The summer is at  end and some things are just harvesting the "Prickly Pears" to make, jelly , jam or juice to add to different drink! There is so much to do at this time of year..I need another life to get it all done :o) I don't want 4 arms or legs, cause then I'd be a bug :o) So careful wishing for another pair of hands unless they are all on somebody else's body and helping you...Cecil is out! he doesn't want to get stuck by the "gockets" Now to the next step...
Holding the Pears with a pair of tongs and letting the fire singe the little
"glockets" so they don't stick on you...(personally I think they fly through the air because as careful as I was I could still feel several on different parts of my hands)

A nice big full colander all singed washed (with gloves on and old dish cloth to make sure I had removed the "Glockets" :o) I think they look delicious, and I'm going to take my time in how I prepare them for Jelly, Juice to add to tea or lemonade, Do you think I'm a smarty pants? :o)
It's pretty hard to find recipes for the Prickly Pears,but a good source is on the Internet, you just have to find one you think might work for you...I need some Pectin, so I'll have to put off until tomorrow what i meant to do
today,that's probably best because by now I'm tired!...doesn't seem like much, but each step takes time.


Daisy said...

I've heard of these before, Ginny, but I've never seen them. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, but I bet the results will be very tasty. I hope you have a good weekend! :)

cici said...

it sure looks like a big deal to me. Those pears are beauties! I have no idea you could eat those. I didn't even know they were pears. I am going to have to tell my moma about this. She has tons of those cactus in her yard. You got me wondering what they taste like♥

The Gingerbread House said...

That's what's so nice about the Internet and having a blog! It's nice to be able to share information and to find information that you other wise wouldn't ever see know about even if you are a smarty pants.Ginny