Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I'm up too!

Today was a busy day! Cecil and I got up early (he is always up at the crack of dawn! It takes me a little longer to have the desire to face the day or get out of the warm comfy bed :o)
I made one of my "Big Breakfast" Country ham with grits and scrambled eggs with cheese..(no biscuits this time :o(   it seems to hold pretty good if we have something we want to do, that may make us late to have lunch or something to sustain us.. Our aim today was finding one of the Farms I found on the Internet that was not to far from our area  30 to 45 minutes away.. We knew it was late in the Season to be finding much , but it was good for the "Ride in the Country" and be able to venture into new territory, kind of like finding our own way.  It seems most people that like to do the things I like doing are on the Internet..but anyone living close by isn't into "Homesteading or Farming" the way Cecil and I are at it.
So after Breakfast and with my water bottle..off we went into the wild countryside :o)...We were able to follow the directions that took us straight to the farm, where we were able to purchase some nice Okra, Sweet Potatoes and a nice fat watermelon..on the way there we saw a nice field of greens..on the way back we stopped and got Three pounds! they were more than enough for one meal so I stuck half in the freezer to eat the weekend...I forgot that some farmers pick the greens for you...and this one just picked the leaves < I hadn't had that done since I left NJ.  at the "Spector Farm" that's why I had so much. We chatted with the farmer for a spell..and came home happy and contented that we "Found a Farm".
Should I tell you the greens were divine :o) the taters were good too! I was too busy cooking to take a picture..it would have only made you hungry .. My greens and collards are down (planted) and I'll be showing the harvest when its time :o) that's the only reason I bought those today, until mine are ready...they were picked fresh out the field while I watched and waited...


Daisy said...

Your breakfast and dinner both sound delicious, Ginny. Made me hungry even without the pictures! I'm glad to hear you got to get out for a drive, and that you found the farm you were looking for. Sounds like you got some good buys. :D

cici said...

Thanks Ginny.. Note to self: Don't read Ginny's blog first thing in the morning on an empty stomach... I am starving right now after reading all those delicious foods♥ Sounds like you found a gold mine only 30 minutes away from you!

ladydi said...

Sounds like a very successful outing! So glad to see you're enjoying drinking water, Miss Ginny. :>}
Are your greens a new planting for fall harvest? What a difference 700 miles (south) makes.

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy, yesterday was a good day! One to remember when you get lost or things just don't work out!
I even made Cecil's life a little more like heaven than hell!:o) (sometimes he really gets on my nerves, and I'd like to snap my finger and make him disappear :o),,,but it's days like this one that helps me keep him.(and alive)
Cici,I didn't realize how much I liked to cook and all the interest I had in food until late in my life..I was too much of an air head and my mother couldn't trust me to watch the food least it burn :o) She was an excellent cook and did it all...Marriage..if I didn't cook we wouldn't be able to eat..money so scarce there was only one night in two we could go out to eat..and that was at the cheapest place we found.
Ladydi,the outing was so enjoyable we both had good nights sleep without waking so many times.My greens are a new planting for the fall harvest and so far they are really growing..Pictures will be coming soon.Guess what! I didn't even need the water :o)