Monday, September 20, 2010

Six Jars of tasty "Prickly Pear Jam"

Here is the results of Half the labor!  Six jars which I will call "Prickly Pear Jam", because it has a thick consistency and is without seeds.
I was a little disappointed that I only got six pint jars of it, especially with the labor that went into it, and the expense of the Pectin it called for..( I had to follow the recipe in order to do it right, since I never did it
The seeds that I had separated and put into the fridge for another day's work (this day).

Has given me quite a surprise! I added about two or three pints of seeds to one of my stock pots..and filled it a little more than half water..and put it under a low flame, while I reclined in my "chair bed" tired and still pooped from yesterday's labor..Well, so far what a surprise! Those seeds have actually "Melted" you heard me!! they have mostly melted, there are a few still swimming around, and whatever I make Jelly or juice wouldn't be any harm., but my plan it to strain it.This project has been a real teacher first Jam then Jelly or maybe  Juice cubes! :o)


Daisy said...

Looks great, Ginny! Good reward for your work. Always a bonus to learn something along the way too. :)

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy it was tough going and especially when you tire along the way...but the rewards are gratifying..Ginny

ladydi said...

I was fascinated to see your prickly pear plant. Are the pears good to eat raw?

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, yes the pears are also good to eat raw! Mexican natives (any place prickly pears are grown)..,will pick them and peel the skin down and eat them, the seeds are chewed a bit and then spit out.
I've tried them raw, but don't like them as much as the Jelly (Jam). They taste like a strawberry that's not quite ripe to me. Ginny7