Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Canning "Collards" this time

I think we are becoming quite the farmers! This is another crop of Collards that we have grown on our "Almost and Acre" farm :o)..Yes, the Food closet is getting quite full of delicious eats! We are "Homesteading" in a small way, but I will say this "it's the way to go". I know exactly what's in the jars and where it came from. It's said "you are what you eat!" Somebody told me I looked good !, and I want to believe it :o) if only I could knock that sugar count down :o(  That Dr. put me on Insulin injections S*** I fought taking it long enough, one less pill to take so insulin better work. I still have some Rutabaga and Cabbage to put away ( a little at a time). I'm thinking the cabbage can be put away like the collards,(pressure canned) the leaves are similar in texture, any idea's anyone.


Daisy said...

They look great, Ginny! You have your own little "store" right there in your pantry with all the canned goods you have now! That will save you some trips to the grocery this winter.

Deborah said...

What about making sauerkraut and then canning that.

Mr. H. said...

I have got to invest in a pressure canner so that I can also can up some of our greens, I was going to do so this year but once again put it off. Here is a link on canning cabbage that you might find interesting.:)

The Gingerbread House said...

Hi Daisy, not only will it save me trips, but I'm hoping it will save my budget too! When I go shopping I spend more even if I make a list..there is always something I forgot or something on sale or something I just desire to have :o(. Besides in Winter I like to Hibernate :o)

The Gingerbread House said...

Deborah,I never thought of cannng Sauerkraut, I may have to try it while my cabbage is plentiful.:o)

Mr. H. You will certainly need a Pressure canner for canning greens in a jar. You will find it a worthwhile investment. Sometimes if your lucky (or blessed) you can find one at yard sales or Goodwill , usually about $25. Ginny