Monday, April 4, 2011

Goodbye Mixed Greens

Also,I've been wanting to save my tomatoes and Peppers from being  eaten up by the Deer, so I decided to get started making a Hoop House 
So far it's a fast project once you do all the shopping for the parts..The stores don't make it convenient I had to walk to one end of the store and back to the other end where each item was located..:o( that tired H*** out of me , guess the exercise was good for me :o(. It was too windy to finish today, hopefully there is tomorrow.
I took the time to pick and pull as many mixed green leaves as I could from the progressing greens going to seed...the leaves were small and really tender..I saved them (after hours of picking) in the freezer for the Kids visits. Then Cecil decided to "till" the space to give it a rest before the next plantings. the ground really looks good.
Only things left in the Garden are some spaces of Mustard greens which I planned to pick today, but it's just too windy and I don't feel like it right now.. I don't think I'll be taking up the Garlic until the meantime they look as if they are doing nicely.

Here's a close up of the Delicious Apple Blossoms, It seemed to take a long time for it to grow up (so it seems). I missed the Blossoms on the Fuji ( I don't remember if it did, but the tree looks healthy and bigger than the Delicious).
Both Pear trees have blossomed and promise a bumper crop this year..I'm looking for new recipes besides Cobblers Pies and dried to use them up 


Mama-Bug said...

Ginny take some of those pears and make pear sauce (apple sauce). Peel them, cut into chucks, cover with just enough water to keep from sticking. When tender, drain and put in your food processor and puree to thickness you like then return to pot, add sugar to your taste (sometimes I add a little cinnamon) and heat just til boiling put in pint jars and water bath. Also adding a little lemon juice will keep the sauce from turning dark.

cathy@home said...

Thats a super start to your hoop house. I think you deserve a rest after all that

Annie's Granny said...

I'm fighting the cold wind today, too. I'd planned on pounding in some rebar to hold hoops over my beet/chard/spinach bed, so I could get that planted and covered to protect from leaf miner flies. It's too cold! Guess I'll mop my kitchen floor instead :-)

Pears....mmmmm, pear preserves and pear butter. Or just plain canned pear halves.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mamabug, I knew I could count on some bloggers giving me some good sound recipes for my Pears :o)
You and
Annie's Granny came up with some goodies, and when the time comes I'm going to use them all.
In fact it sounds good enough to defrost last years crop and make preserves. The wind sent me in but I just sat in my Chair Bed and watched TV :o)
Cathy, I've waited a long time for this project :o) and so far I'm loving it...I plan to use Deer netting until fall when the tomatoes and peppers are done, and then I might plant some lettuce and drop a canvas on it for the colder weather.

Laurie said...

That garden is looking great - I'm jealous of your sunny location!

Daisy said...

You certainly got all that you could out of those greens, Ginny. Your garden looks great and ready to go. I love the blossoms--so pretty! :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy, those greens don't owe me a thing :o), here I thought the land wouldn't give it up at first, then we bribed it with some lime and 10-10-10, it must have liked it, because it seemed to wake up this Spring energized :o).

Laurie, I guess you only get something out if you put something in ..I just wish the location was in a larger place :o) Then I'd have some chickens:o)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

what a great project! i love the hoops!...and oh those greens...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi GInny, enjoyed the earlier post about homemade sauerkraut - Grenville is like Cecil in liking hotdogs and especially with kraut. We don't have to cover our veggie garden (thankfully). Even though we have a wooded area close by we have never seen any deer. There are rabbits, but they prefer the wildfloer garden and have never bothered with the veggies. You deserve a rest after all your work.

Matron said...

Apple blossoms are just so lovely aren't they? particularly when the bees are enjoying them.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Ladydi, it's been too windy for me to get out there and finish my's still too cold to put anything down here yet anyway.Glad we are inspirations :o)

Beatrice, not many people don't like kraut..and good for you that you don't have to fight the deer.

Maron, I'm hoping those blooms mean Apples :o)