Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Homemade Sauerkraut Experience's :o)

When I wake up in the morning there is no telling what I'm going to get into! And that's the truth..I seem to have the job of rolling with the punches, in order to stay up to a task...I usually have a "first thing to do" on my list so I don't forget the important things that I could leave behind...So on that list (after taking my B/S and drinking a Zero coke :o) is mashing down my Sauerkraut and making sure it's still has water on top of it..That's after I have a quickie breakfast.
Well, yesterday I got a whiff of a Oder that told me "taste me, I may be ready" so I did.
I hadn't followed the instructions clearly, (used two times more the amount of salt I should have)  and quickly wrote Kelley to question "What next"..As I waited for an answer ( I was impatient) I took the bull by the horn and started "desalting" I put the whole mess in some cold water, swished it around..and then did it again...tasting it again that did the trick for me...Soooo,I decided I'd get it in a pot cooking for the next step, when it was good and hot and still looking good, put them into jars (6) and did the 15 minutes H2O processing..and low and behold!  Here are 5 (the 6th was put on the side to be first :o)
We had some today with Hot dogs and was so greedy we didn't wait to take pictures.
Cecil already claimed Hot Dogs with homemade sauerkraut again for tomorrows lunch, that's just fine with me...the kraut is better than what I've been getting at the store..
You may notice some dark green, I used the leaves too and they are good to go, nothing is wasted but the core. There must be a use for them too!


Daisy said...

Well, good for you, Ginny! You're so clever and thrifty. Must have been pretty good, if Cecil was so quick to call it again for lunch tomorrow! :D

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Great work!! Isnt it amazing how much different real kraut is?

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Ohiofarmgirl, yes it is surprising,it's also surprising and amazing how much you can still learn at 80 :o)

ladydi said...

For once you didn't tempt me, Miss Ginny. I do love fresh cabbage, but saurkraut - not so much.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Ladydi, what about some saurkraut and a sprinkle of red pepper over a hot dog covered with mustard :o)

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh, this looks so good! I'm with Cecil.....hot dogs and sauerkraut is the only way to eat! Once in a while I will fix myself a ruben sandwich, which has the sauerkraut.........so good! No one else in my family will eat sauerkraut........so it is a once in a while treat for me. Have a good week Ginny! blessings,Kathleen