Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ginny The Tomato Lady :o)

I'm sure that to some of you these little bit of tomatoes mean absolutely nothing! To me it's a big big deal!, first of all I saved the seeds from Plum tomatoes that I bought at the grocery store when even the Farmers Market didn't have Plum tomatoes. I wanted them to make sauce etc. with since I remembered from old days they are so nice and meaty for those purposes...Well my seeds lived :o) and it seems everyone of them that I planted..I gave a neighbor some and it just seemed others didn't want to bother :o(  They will accept all the tomatoes I give them..with no work for them , just to eat them . Your looking at the ones I didn't have room to plant until something else comes out of the
garden. I think they are the nicest group of tomatoes :o) 
Below: In the box are some Plum tomatoes and some Heirloom I had to buy like "Mortgage Lifter' "Cherokee Purple" I also bought a " Yellow Pear" that I put in the "Side Garden", where I put the rest of the Plum Tomatoes and some of the Cabbage Plants that something is eating the heck out of...Seven seems to be helping. It's so hot outside now that I had to rush back inside.. 


I'll show the "Side Garden" another time.
It's coming along nicely and so is the "Cabbage Patch" that I put in the front  hehehe  I'm using all the space I can and it still looks Neat :o).. If it works, I'm going to have a lot of cabbage for that special Sauerkraut dish I've started making..Cecil loves it and a quart disappears quickly ..I may have to get some 1/2  gallon jars :o)
If you look closely there is a bloom on that firt plant at the very top :o)  (Cherokee Purple plant). Also I forgot to tell you about the pepper plants in the box. They are some mixed color small ones I got at Sam's Club. I don't know which color is which, I kept them separate saving , but planting is a different story..I got mixed up...they will all get used regardless of color.


Jody said...

Your tomato plants are beautiful. I hope you have plum tomatoes coming out of your ears this summer. Our tomato plants are barely surviving because of the rain.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Jody, it looks promising. This year I'm going to try and make some thick sauce :o) Last year I mostly canned and froze tomatoes, quickly .

Annie's Granny said...

That sure looks like a lot of tomatoes! You're going to be canning up a storm this summer.

Daisy said...

Everything looks great, Ginny. You must have a very green thumb. Your tomato plants are really doing well! :-)

Paula said...

Those are looking great, Ginny! You'll have yummy tomatoes in no time!

Mr. H. said...

Your tomatoes look fantastic, can't wait to see them producing for you. Happy belated 63rd Anniversary!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Annie's Granny, I sure hope so, I'm excited about seeing them grow from MY saved seeds :o) maybe they will be big as grapefruits to me :o)

Daisy, no green thumb, just beginners dumb luck :o)

Paula, I'm seeing some blossoms and they look pretty darn promising.

Mr H. that's a real compliment coming from you a tomato pro :o) and thanks for the Anniversary wishes. :o)