Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SCAPES ? :o)

These are what I cut this morning from the box garden, that I asked all what did they look like, because I forgot what I planted (duh!)   Some said they looked like leeks and or onions..can you now tell ? or do all onions, leeks and garlic have "scape's" ?  These smell like onions and I intend to put them into some eggs :o)...I'm just a couple days late for Harvest Monday :o)..I wanted to take some pictures of the advance of the crops especially the "Side Garden" but it's just been too hot for me to get involved..Today they expect it to be 95 again, whew!
You have to admit these are some nice looking scape's :o) I noticed all of the plants didn't have them..unless I have to wait for more..and I also think that Garlic in the garden is nearing ready ..I'm noticing the leaves are kind of getting brown and falling :o) yea! I'm hoping for some nice looking garlic  (even if they are wimps, they are my babies, and the cutest in the world).


Robin said...

I really can't say if they are onion or garlic scapes. They look like my garlic scapes. But then there are different types of onion scapes.

Some of my garlic is developing scapes and the rest will be on their way soon.

Daisy said...

Well, Ginny, I had never heard the word "scapes" before, so I had to go and look that up! :D

I'm sure they'll taste good in eggs. It has been warmer than usual here too. Summer has come early!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Robin,They look and smell more like onion..soon I will have to harvest them to make room for my lettuce. Whatever it is, it will go good on my table :o).

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy, we live and learn:o) I made a salad and my scapes were too "hard" guess I waited too long before I picked them :o(.