Monday, June 27, 2011

They almost made it :o(

My Monday Harvest is the Pits!  Here are two Plum tomatoes that "almost made it" . I found them on the ground inside the Hoop house..the wind? I don't know what happened..then walking down to the garden what do I find ...Deer tracks! and and the few tomatoes in Cecil's garden nibbled off!  ugh! He is going to be so disappointed when he finds out about that.
Putting up a wood or vinyl fence would take away the joy of the view and expense I don't want, we will have to think of something!

At least I have something to show that I haven't been idle! I could see that the Boc Choy needed more room to grow, I had done them the same as I did the tomatoes..(put too many seeds for the space to grow).(E.G., didn't tell me about that soon enough).  So I made some little pots out of paper..(while Cecil and I chatted about the coming fall crops we will plant :o)  and this is half of them now nestled in their little pots to grow and then ....Only God knows where I will plant them to be safe from the Deer.. I have at least 20 cans of tomatoes up near the Patio and they don't come this far..(thank goodness). so maybe I'll have to put the Boc Choy into large containers (it works for a lot of people on the blogs, I could name a few
:o)..When I think of all those large containers that I saw at places like Goodwill and I snubbed my nose up because they didn't have the tops :o(  I could slap myself.
Inside my little Greenhouse I have some Jalapeno Pepper seeds in those little paper pots I made.. Those seeds are from some frozen peppers that looked so good and healthy when I cut the pepper..I planted 6 of them, to see if they would grow, my store bought plants didn't do to well thus far..nothing ventured nothing gained. If they make it ...I'll save seeds from them..They were really large and I think I remember them being Serrano's peppers or (something like that).
UPDATE: Last night I had a cup of tea with honey from the Mullein, and let me tell you, it is relaxing! :o)


Daisy said...

Sorry to hear about the deer getting into the tomatoes, Ginny. I hope your Boc Choy and other things will do better.

Mr. H. said...

One the deer, something I have done that worked was to put a couple strands of fishing line around the area I want to keep deer out of. I put one up about shoulder high and the other waste high...the deer can't see it very well so it freaks them out when they touch it and stay away. I was once able to keep 3 pesky deer out of a tomato patch that was not fenced all year using this technique...not sure if it would work for you but might be worth a try. Also, if you hang an unwashed (smelly) shirt or coat on a shovel in the patch every evening this works as a scaracrow and helps to keep the deer out as long as you move it to a different position each night.

nellymary said...

Bad luck about the dear....I'm glad I don't need to deal with your the seedlings in the pink tub...I'm sure you will find somewhere to put it all....I usually do..If not I freecycle some leftover seedlings.

Robin said...

Geez Ginny, don't these bugs and beasts know that you don't want to share??? I think that Mr. H's idea sounds like a good one!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy,Those deer better watch out! I might get me a gun and a sharp knife.

Mr H. that sounds like a good plan to me..we tried the "smelly" shirt and "urine", but that didn't work, maybe because we didn't move the shirt.

nelly mary, thanks for stopping by, come back again.The pink buckets were both our bath basins when we were both hospitllized in ICU at the same time. It reminds me of how blessed we are to be well and thriving :o)

Robin, I used to think they were dumb animals, but they were smart enough to fool me into thinking they weren't thinking about our garden.They munched all the tomato blossoms on the top :o(. Glad I have some in a hoop house :o)

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

I used to think deers were so cute...but now that I have started gardening I see how they can be a menace. Although I think they are still cute. Its a good thing that deers don't roam around in the city - and if they did they wouldn't make it onto my balcony...I think.