Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Every Day there is "Something"

Monday I had nothing to offer in line for "Harvest" , and also found that the Deer had nibbled  all the tomatoes in Cecil's Garden, and not only that, they "Pooped" on my yard!@ &*%%$  it was a bad day, and l was depressed about it...Cecil put a smelly shirt on one side of the Pear tree and guess what! the Deer went to the other side "*&&% I guess you know what those symbols mean I'm saying (cussing). I don't want to eat them, but they are driving me so crazy I feel like a  B B gun would be nice to have.
This morning, we found after that rain storm (which we so badly needed) two of the tomatoes I had in the side garden were so heavy they had fallen to the ground..(the only two on (Mortgage Lifter I had) I brought them in and hope they will ripen on the window sill. I don't know if I'll get more from them and as far as the one "Yellow Pear Tomato" the Deer have already nibbled off of it and I don't think there will be any more blooms.:o(
Update:  I found out your supposed to put the stem side up on tomatoes you want to ripen in the window :o) I've corrected it.

I don't know if you can see them, but in the "Hoop Box" I have Roma's. Cherokee Purples, and  German Johnson's. It seems to me the Plums are doing the best at growing so far..I'm glad I did the box if not I wouldn't have anything  going in the line of tomato.
The cabbage is doing the best it can, but something is still nibbling at them :o(  I wonder if it's that white moth I see flying around every where...The Deer have nibbled off my pepper plants something awful..I don't know if I have time to plant more  (on the Patio) I hope they don't start coming that close..
You can see a couple more tomato's on the other end of the box..which is encouraging..I had to open it up and tie up the tomatoes they were so heavy on the vine..next time I'll do it differently so I won't have to struggle like i did.
EG showed a good video and I liked it enough to use...and I won't have to have a top on it.. my tomatoes are trying to grow upwards out of the box.

My cabbage is trying hard to "head up" I do want to be able to make some Kraut out of it. So far I have one Red Cabbage that was left from 2010, and I just left it to grow as it would, and it must have had some strong genes it looks as good or better that the rest of the them

it's the only red cabbage I have. Wish I knew how to get seeds from it ..Bet they would be some strong cabbage to have.  all in all at least I'm not losing too much..The potatoes in Cecil's Garden are doing nicely and so are the onions.  I almost forgot , after the rain the Bees came pollinated and lo and behold we had a squash that was enough for our dinner :o) and it looks like we will have more..thank goodness for that. So some things are keeping us sane and encouraged to keep on. Especially when some pretty flowers come into bloom :o)


Melodye said...

Ok Miss Ginny, I'm going to try to post this. I'll never just abandon the blog. If at some point I decide not to post again, my last post will be one sayng goodbye. Since we're only working in containers, I usually just buy plants. It's more expensive, but I really don't have the space. Now we have a decent sized yard, but the deer and the rabbits won't leave us much. The next time I see the neighborhood president, I'll talk to him about the hoop houses. You and Mr. Cecil are more patient that I am!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Melodye, I don't think you will need permission to erect a hoop house..it's not like raising chickens. At least your doing containers and that's better than nothing.:o)

Daisy said...

Ginny, I'm sorry to hear that the deer are getting into your garden so much. At least some of your garden is thriving and doing well, though. Your flowers are very pretty! :-)

Kristi said...

The lilies are beautiful! Sorry about the deer...umm...they do taste good! (the deer)

Jody said...

That cabbage looks like it will head up for sure. It's just a matter of time.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy, after blowing my top then,getting depressed , I stopped and counted my blessings and then I wasn't angry anymore :o).

Kristy, The lilies are an eye full and Deer does taste good :o)

Jody, I'm trying to be patient waiting for the cabbage to head up..I want to save and use the leaves separate for "Stuffed Cabbage" and use the heads for the kraut.