Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Potato planting in July

I have been trying to upload this mornings video for three hours :o(  when I find out what I'm doing wrong I'll post it as an update:

I can hardly believe it's me getting up at 6:30 am  to plant some sweet potato's. That's just what I (had to do) did this morning, after a hard evening's work of planting the Purple Sweet potato's (that EG stimulated me to grow!) I found it fascinating to let a S. potato take root in water and use the "slips" to make more S. potato's :o) I couldn't plant them all last evening  so I had to wait until this morning to plant the rest they were really heavily rooted I didn't need to put the rest of them into cups..the little sun that's up at 9:30 has taken a slight toll on them already I think over night they will stand up like the rest were this morning. In the video you can see the little Egg plants doing nicely...they have  fruited" and it's thrilling to see the little purple  "eggs" growing and looking good. I have some regular S. potato slips that I put in the little hand made paper cups..I'll get them planted in a few days as soon as they take root :o)...Farmers have a hard life,but they eat good :o). Cecil is busy cleaning out the old squash bed that didn't do too well :o(  I think he may try and plant another crop..(according to Annie's Granny they should do well).


Daisy said...

You'll be paid back for that hard work with some delicious home grown produce, Ginny. Sounds like you put in a full day. :-)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy, it's been a hard day..first the planting,making breakfast , and getting the laundry done being two days late. Onwards for dinner, I'm ready for bed and the Sun isn't down yet :o( Guess I've become a farmer :o)