Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's for Breakfast :o)

Tomato with Pesto and Cheese :o)
This isn't what I really wanted for breakfast, but I was too tired (or lazy) to get into fixing anything that caused me to do too much work..Cecil didn't want anything but Bran flakes this morning and that was fine with me. I put away about a quart of 
tomatoes in the freezer yesterday and decided to use this one to try out the Pesto I made the other day and add some Mozzarella cheese to it and give it a broil.. it wasn't bad as far as taste..(I needed to add a little salt for my taste). I was given a recipe for a "Tomato Pie" and thought I'd concoct something quick out of it..and this dish is what I came up with :o) Not bad for a quickie. Nothing else happening special at Gingerbreadshouse today, I'm still tired and need to rest... unless something just pops up :o) UPDATE: Sorry to Daisy, and Mrs. Pickles, your comment were deleted by mistake..


Mrs.Pickles said...

lol sure they were...i still think it looks yummy though... :)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs. Pickles, trying to fix one thing and made a big mess:o( glad you understand :o) The tomatoes weren't bad with all the fixings on them, but i wasn't crazy about the dish ...I'd rather have fried green tomatoes for breakfast :o)