Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's growing in my Fall Garden :o)

First thing I'm pleased that the Parsley and the Rosemary have taken off on the patio! I didn't want to touch ground and walk around the side of the house where the big Rosemary bush is ..so I planted one in a box to be closer to get from the kitchen.

Then as I step off the Patio I'm greeted by the box garden of Broccoli Rabe :o) and I'm smiling or I should say grinning from ear to ear ..(I love fresh greens :o) and the Peppers in the box that didn't do to well with the tomatoes cramping them have started producing a pepper here and a pepper there :o)

Then I take a few more steps over to box #2 and The Arugala seems to have really taken off and I snipped a piece to taste , boy was it yummy..a good bite to it ..salad here I come...and the special Kale that Mr H. sent me is taking off , I can't wait to see how well it does and how it taste's  (thanks Mr. H.) I'll bless you as I take bites :o).

Then I take a walk down to the Garden to check on my Purple Sweet Potatoes that I started from "Slips" that E.G. showed on his tutorial :o)  They are really doing nicely..I'm getting to be some farmer  (I should say We :o) I'm just proud I took two potatoes, and was able to make the little paper pots and once they were big enough put them into the ground..hope I have some potatoes under those leaves..the rain for the last four days has certainly helped them all..

The Boc Choy has really grown, thanks to Robin for encouraging me that they were fall growing and just wait..well, glad I waited..I'm waiting to see some white stalks before I pick any..Boc Choy is delicious..it's just a Chinese cabbage anyway ...seems I'll have enough cabbage. 
If you look further to the left , you see the rutabaga and a little further you can barely see the "mixed greens" :o)  If they all grow well we will have some delicious greens with corn bread :o)

Thanks again to Mr H. for the Rutabaga seeds , I made paper cups for them too and was glad it started raining as soon as I finished planting them, they were so small I wondered if I put them out too soon, so far they are healthy looking :o).. I expect them to continue growing well.. We love Rutabaga greens and root :o).

These are some Cabbage Collards that are on the Side Garden, they are something new this year ..no one I spoke to knows anything about them..I decided to try them since i had collards in cups already..So far it seems the bugs like them, hopefully it will get cold enough for the bugs to go away... nothing seems to help...I'll get Cecil to put some soapy water on them..maybe that'll do something.
The Red Cabbage seems to do very well in the Side Garden..there aren't as many nips on them as the collards..they did well in the side garden for the last three years..the Peppers on the end seemed to do better once it got cold and rain came down..but something continues to nibble at it and the peppers are so stunted they are a waste.:o(..
That's about it ..except I took a picture of the Garlic but it didn't show up :o(  it's doing pretty good for the effort I put into them..


Mrs.Pickles said...

wow what a wonderful fall crop you have!I am Very envious!

Jody said...

Wow Ginny, you've been a busy girl! You're sure to have a great fall harvest. I can't wait to hear how you prepare all the great food that's coming.

Daisy said...

Very impressive garden, Ginny! Everything looks great! Give me a call when you have the cornbread in the oven. :D

Mr. H. said...

Looking good Ginny, sounds like you are going to have an excellent crop of fall plants. I was just looking at your pickled eggs too...they are beautiful, I really must try that.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs Pickles, don't be envious! you know the work involved :o)

Jody, I'm tired from it too, but when it's time to eat it I'll be able to bend my elbow :o)

Mr. H. you can see it seems to be growing well :o). The eggs are delicious, we tried them once a little early, and decided not to be anxious and wait...they are good :o)

Mama-Bug said...

Ginny you'll be well pleased with the cabbage collards. I have 2 rows of them planted and they are so yummy! they're my favorite besides the kale.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Daisy, you betcha there will be cornbread with those greens :o) and some homemade hot chow chow :o)

Mama bug, I hadn't heard of them until this year..I hope I like them as well as you do :o) ..

Leigh said...

Wow Ginny, your fall garden looks fantastic. I'm trying cabbage collards for the first time as well. I thought I bought an heirloom cabbage plants, only to discover they were cabbage collards after I got home. Now I'm looking forward to giving them a try.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Leigh, maybe it was just meant to be :o)...I hope we both like them...I have red cabbage. boc choy (chinese collards) no collards yet;;but enough other greens if we can't find them soon.

ladydi said...

I love the concept of a fall garden! Not something we can do here without a greenhouse, but I'm very impressed with yours.

Your blood sugar thanks you for all the wonderful greens you're having. :>}

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Ladydi, Also my gut will thank me for the greens :o)

Robin said...

My goodness Ginny, I missed this post! Your fall garden looks great! I'm just starting mine and fall is already here!

You are going to love those fall veggies!