Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blueberries inside Puff Pastry

There were two of these last night :o) one got eaten before it cooled :o)..This one will probably be consumed later in the day ...My eater has a Dr's appointment and wont be available for the task :o)..
I don't know what I should call it...Blueberry Pastry tart, or roll. Whatever, it tasted pretty good , just not sweet enough  ( I don't really need the sugar). I didn't feel up to making pie shells and felt there was no need for Cecil to run to the store I used what I had ..
As long as there was a dessert after dinner it didn't matter...:o)

Today I'm going to open the Avocado and Banana package to see how it tastes and then reseal it to see how much longer it will stay.I'll post an update.
By the way, this morning the "Studio Heater" had turned it's self on (that's that thermostat) and the room was nice and toasty upon entering , what a big welcomed surprise a toasty room and I'm still in my nighties :o) I opened the blinds to see the rain falling and really felt contented :o)

UPDATE: I opened the Avocado and Banana's this morning for my breakfast ..I added my mayonnaise to it ( a little too much :o(  anyway, both banana and avocado were as fresh as the day I packaged them..however, next time I will not slice either of them I will package them as whole as I can..then they won't be so "mashed" up I like them chunked. I'd say the test was satisfactory..and I will do it again, especially with the Avocado's..


1st Man said...

YUMMY!!!!! So how did you do it? Just flatten out the puff pastry, put some blueberries inside and roll it up? Looks DELICIOUS!!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Yes, that's how I did it ( I seasoned my blueberries first) and as I rolled it up I put about 4-5 pats of butter in with the rolling up..easy peay :o)

Mrs.Pickles said...

puff pastry and blueberries. It doesn't get much better than that!

Mr. H. said...

Looks and sounds real good Ginny.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

it wasn't too bad for a lazy way :o)

Mr. H.
it at least satisfied a desire for dessert :o)

Daisy said...

I love blueberries! That dessert looks mighty good, Ginny. :-D

ladydi said...

Mmmm - your blueberry pastry looks delicious! How is it with vanilla ice cream??

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

although it looks mighty good, I budgeted my eating a lot of it..not to worry Cecil took good care of it :o)

it would probably be delicious like always, but I ran out of ice cream and didn't miss it..:o(